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The idea for BLK ROSE began in 2020 (seems like forever ago), at a time when I was thinking A LOT about the state of the world and my role in it all. Investing in and supporting our communities was always part of the plans and is really important to us as business owners.

As we've made the decision to invest our profits, we've focused on donating  specifically to BIPOC led or serving organizations and trying to focus on smaller, more grassroots organizations so we can have the greatest impact with our donations. 

When not making candles, I work in the non-profit space so I'm quite discerning when it comes to making financial donations! I encourage you to always look into any organizations yo donate to - and see how they are actually spending their money.  I digress! ;-)

We've been officially selling candles since October 2021, less than 3 years at the time of writing this, and have been able to donate almost $6,000 to community organizations.

Our latest round of donations went to organization in Edmonton doing important work to support our unhoused community members. We donated $2,000 in total, $1,000 to volunteer outreach organization, Water Warriors and $1,000 to Niginan Housing Ventures, an organization that supports individuals with complex housing needs. 

We're so honoured to be able to do this and grateful for the community of customers who contribute to this initiative through their purchases. In the spirit of transparency, here's where we've donated:

These donations couldn't be possible if it wasn't for our amazing customers, thank you!


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