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BLK ROSE Candles are a true labor of love and we are honored that you trust us to bring our creations into your space. We believe in the powerful and transformative power of scent. Through our candles, we aim to connect, inspire and tell stories.

Here’s what you can expect from all our candles:

Small batch:

BLK ROSE candles are hand-poured in our home studio. Every candle is made and inspected by us, ensuring the highest-quality. We produce in small batches to eliminate waste and only use what we need.

Signature scents:

We blend a variety of fragrance oils to create a unique scent that is unlike anything you have smelled before. Our candles don’t smell like your typical candle

Clean burning:

Every scent is hand-crafted using the highest quality fragrance and essential oils. We strive to create the cleanest burn possible and do only use phthalate-free fragrance oils. Our candles don’t contain any parabens, additives or other harmful ingredients.

Cotton wicks:

We use cotton, lead-free wicks in all our candles to ensure a clean and even burn for your home. These wicks won’t smoke if you are burning them correctly.


We aim to produce as little waste as possible. Our candle vessels can be re-used (we encourage you to!), our packing tape is biodegradable, our packing slips are printed on forest-free paper and our paper tubes are made with recycled materials. Our packaging tubes can be recycled once you remove the foam ring.