It may seem cliche, but this truly was the inspiration behind our first collection.   As a Black woman, this was something my mother would always say to me growing up and not something I ever truly believed or embraced until (sadly)  VERY recently.

Even still, I often (too often) find myself questioning this idea. Or I find myself not fully embracing my Blackness in non-Black spaces (aka most everywhere) 

Whether it be in thought, looks or ideas, Black is beautiful. Black is resilient and my goal was to celebrate this through our first collection and brand as a whole. 

Black culture has influenced every part of society but that influence is hardly acknowledged, never mind celebrated. When it is celebrated, it is often in a way that is made to be less Black for “mass appeal” or marketability or some other thing that is connected to white supremacy. 

When I named our collection, I wanted to remind folks that Black is Beautiful. I hope that every person who hears this phrase,  Black or not, will have a moment of reflection. I hope that when burning our candles you think about the Black folx in your life and the struggles they’ve faced, the hills they’ve climbed and the fact that we are still here -- still Black and still beautiful.

I named our collection after 3 inspiring Black women whose life and works have and continue to influence society today. Women whose lives and works inspired people like my mother so many years ago and still do today.  

Nina Simone - iconic singer and pianist, Angela Davis - activist and author and Toni Morrison - award winning novelist. 

I’m often surprised how many people don’t know who these women are. If that’s you, mission accomplished! I hope you are inspired to learn more about their stories (and tell your friends!).  Stay tuned for posts about each of these iconic and inspirational women. 

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